Bylaws of the Bolton Hill Garden Club

Revised by Jean Galkin, Barbara Francis, and Joan Feldman, on January 28, 1998; last revision, March 1998.  Revised by club members in attendance on May 19, 1998, at the Business Meeting of The Bolton Hill Garden Club.


The name of this organization shall be “The Bolton Hill Garden Club.”


The purpose of the club shall be to take pleasure in our plants and gardens–working or viewing–to meet particular needs in our neighborhood, and to participate in city and state activities related to the garden club.  The club shall belong to the Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland, Inc.


  1. There is no limit on membership.  A person may apply for membership, (after attending one club function), by filling out an application form and returning it with dues to the membership chairperson.
  2. Duties and responsibilities of members include 1. If requested and if feasible, service on one club committee or hosting at least one club meeting per year. 2. Payment of dues.


A. Officers shall be president, first vice-president, second vice president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and two co-­treasurers.  Their duties and responsibilities shall be as described below and set forth in their job descriptions.

B. Officers shall be elected by viva voca at the annual May meeting, from the nominating committee slate mailed to members by April.  Officers shall serve a term of two years and shall not be eligible for more than two consecutive terms, excluding the treasurers.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor.

C. The officers and the immediate past president shall constitute the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall appoint the members of the Nominating Committee and the Program Committee.  There shall be two yearly executive meetings.  Additional meetings shall be held at the discretion of the president.

D. The president shall perform all duties and obligations pertaining to that office, appoint committee chairpersons, except the nominating committee, fill vacancies in office, and sign contracts.

E. The first vice-president shall assist the president, assume the president’s duties in the president’s absence, serve as membership chairperson, and become the presidential nominee, if feasible.

F. The second vice-president shall assist the first vice-president, serve as program chairman, and become the first vice president, if feasible.

G. The recording secretary shall take minute’s at all executive and scheduled business meetings and submit them to the president within secretary shall four weeks of the meeting.

H. The corresponding send monthly calendar reminders to all members and prepare other correspondence as necessary.

I. The treasurers are responsible for the financial management of the club.  The treasurers, in collaboration with the president, develop an annual budget that shall be completed for publication in the annual yearbook.  Notifications of dues are sent to members on a timely basis.


The fiscal year shall be held from June 1 to May 31.  Annual dues of $25.00 shall be payable to the treasurer by June 1. Members in arrears will not be included in the yearbook and may be dropped at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


A.    Standing committees shall be as follows: Parks, Membership, Nominating Committee, Yearbook, Programs, and, as mandated by the Federated Garden Club, Conservation and Horticulture.  Their duties shall be in accordance with their respective fields as outlined in their job descriptions.

B. In the year of the election, by January 15th, the Executive Committee shall appoint the Nominating Committee, which shall be composed of five members, including past presidents when feasible.  The Nominating Committee shall serve until an election occurs.  The members shall choose their own chairperson at their first meeting and prepare a slate of seven officers for an April mailing.


Two business meetings shall be held in September and May. The President may call other meetings.  Program meetings shall be held throughout the year, generally on a monthly basis.  Seven members shall constitute a quorum.


These bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the membership present.  Amendments shall be submitted to the membership in writing, two weeks prior to the vote, which may be by mail or at a meeting.  Proxy votes are allowed.


Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall govern the procedure of this club in all cases not provided for in these bylaws or standing rules.