Upcoming Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is now available for you in three formats. We hope these options will help in communicating our events and educational program series to the community. Each option is indicated below.

  • Reminder of key upcoming and monthly programs for the next 2 months (updated at the end of each month)
  • An online document for your review that you can download
  • A Google Calendar that lists events and holidays.

As a reminder, all regular membership meetings are scheduled the third Tuesday of the month and begin with a business meeting at 7:00 pm. Business meetings are followed by an educational program or activity. Executive Committee meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month and begin at 7:00 p.m

Key Programs in October and November

Monthly Workshop: BHGC’s Plant Repotting & Rx ClinicRain Date: Sun., Nov. 7 (same place/time).

Have a houseplant that is languishing or has been growing in the same pot seemingly forever? Give new life to your plants by getting it repotted at the Bolton Hill Garden Club’s Plant Repotting & Rx Clinic This is a free event for the community.

What to bring:
* plants and orchids that are: pot-bound, crowded, need separating, not flourishing or reblooming, or a mystery plant in need of identification
* new potting soil (not topsoil) or orchid bark for your plant or orchid
* a larger pot you would like your plant repotted into (approx. 1″ increase recommended). We will have some extra pots on hand.
BHGC will provide: 
* a team of experienced and knowledgeable plant enthusiast garden club volunteers for repotting, helpful identification and plant care advice
hands-on instruction on how to repot your plants;
* tables for plant repotting with a separate table for plant identification and Rx plant care advice;
* pot bottom drainage material — i.e., broken terracotta pieces, pebbles, gravel, styrofoam peanuts (for larger plants)
* gently used pots, if needed;
* plant care reference books for identification questions;
* refreshment drinks and light snacks.

Community donations of gently used, clean, surplus pots and never used potting soil (not topsoil), and material to assist pot drainage will be appreciated.  
1:00pmF. Scott Fitzgerald Park
Monthly Workshop: Why Garden Clubs MattersPresenter: Maidie Podles, Director, District IV Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland
Chairperson: Lisa Johnson, email: flora.bhgc@gmail.com, tel.: (202)997-5965

Note: Program will begin immediately following the membership meeting.
7:00pm – 9:00pmBrown Memorial Presbyterian Church, 1316 Park Avenue, 21217

Bolton Hill Garden Club Program Calendar

This option provides the calendar in an online format that you may review online or download. To download the document, you just click the “Download” button below the document.

Bolton Hill Garden Club Google Calendar

The calendar option lists meetings and social events on BHGardenClub1965@gmail.com calendar. Members will periodically receive google calendar invites to join these events and get friendly reminders. You do not have to RSVP to attend and drop ins are always welcome, however having an accurate count helps our hosts and planning committees.